Strategic Legal Advice In Business Immigration

Westbury Law, Professional Corporation assists multinational corporations in the seamless transfer of foreign nationals to Canada. We work closely with local and international Human Resources Departments, Executives, and Senior Managers to provide tailored immigration solutions to achieve the business goals of our clients.

In providing comprehensive processing, we also assist accompanying family members of foreign employees in obtaining immigration status in Canada.

In addition to working with employers and corporations, our firm has a private client department which assists individuals with temporary residence, permanent residence, and citizenship.

Experienced Legal Representation

Westbury Law's mobility team possess the legal and international business experience to solve complex immigration issues. Our lead counsel is licensed to practice law in Ontario and New York. Through our comprehensive experience in the business community, we have developed insight into the unique challenges faced by multinational corporations working with foreign talent.

Westbury Law partners closely with clients throughout the immigration process, in both our international business and private client departments. Our goal is to facilitate the legal processes that help clients achieve their desired outcomes.