Permanent Residence And Citizenship In Canada

For immigrants to Canada, the path to citizenship often starts with an application for permanent residence. Westbury Law, Professional Corporation works with foreign nationals seeking to remain in Canada on a permanent basis.

Determining Immigration Categories And Requirements

We facilitate economic class immigration, which includes:

  • Federal skilled workers
  • Provincial nominees
  • Canadian experience class
  • Start-up business class
  • Immigration pilot programs

We also assist in preparing non-economic class applications, such as:

  • Members of the family class
  • Spouse or common-law partner in Canada class

Westbury Law works closely with you to determine the appropriate category for entry and the requirements for permanent residence.

Skilled Advocacy For Business And Private Clients

Our firm practices solely in immigration law. Our senior counsel, Rachel Bunbury, is licensed to practise law in Ontario and New York State. She has knowledge of immigration law in both jurisdictions, as well as a keen interest in matters of international affairs.

Our firm works closely with clients in both the business and private client contexts. We provide seamless service to foreign employees who enter Canada to work, but who eventually wish to remain in the country permanently. We also assist individuals seeking to settle in Canada for non-business purposes.

With services extending into academic stays and reunification of family members, our goal is to provide efficient solutions, and to act as an ongoing source of advice and advocacy through the immigration process.

Contact Westbury Law

To consult with a lawyer about your permanent residence or immigration needs, call 866-230-1306 or 416-306-0166 (locally). You can also send us an email. We are located in the Toronto, Ontario, and work with clients around the world.