Study Permits – Academic Stays In Canada

Generally, foreign nationals require a study permit to attend school in Canada. Westbury Law, Professional Corporation can assist colleges, universities, private schools and international students with the process of obtaining a study permit for academic programs.

Trusted Legal Advice On Studying In Canada

Our firm works closely with international students throughout the study permit application process. We help students understand the regulatory requirements and conditions that apply to their immigration status in Canada.

We work with private clients who wish to pursue a course of study in a Canadian educational institution. We also work closely with foreign employees who have accompanying family members who seek to enrol in academic studies. In all cases, our role is to provide reliable legal guidance and to facilitate the process.

Our Credentials

Our lead lawyer, Rachel Bunbury, is a skilled practitioner in immigration law and has chosen to concentrate her work on this complex area of law.

She holds multiple degrees in law and has firsthand, personal experience as a student in both Canada and the United States. She interned at the United Nations Secretariat and maintains a lifelong interest in learning. Ms. Bunbury is currently a member of the Governance Committee for the United Nations Association in Canada, Toronto Branch. She also teaches an English as a Second Language course at a designated learning institution.

Ms. Bunbury is licensed to practice in Ontario and New York State and works with clients in a private, business and institutional context.

Contact Westbury Law

To consult with a lawyer about studying in Canada, call 866-230-1306 or 416-306-0166 (locally). You can also send us an email. From our office in downtown Toronto, Ontario, we serve clients from around the world.